Black Bean Recipes

In this website there are many great black bean recipes. On this page I will link to a few, with descriptions.

Black bean salad is a Tex-Mex favourite, combining corn, black beans, avocadoes, peppers, and Mexican flavours, to create a dish that is both colourful and vibrantly flavourful.

Black bean and corn salad is another variation of this salad, this time with fewer ingredients to focus on the main ingredients. Its a simple, direct, but powerful recipe.

Both of these salads are highly recommended for parties and potlucks and make great summer food. They are univerally enjoyed, healthy, and convenient as they are served cold.

Black bean salsa is a beany recreation of the famous Mexican salsa. It is excellent when eaten with tortilla chips and can easily accompany other salsas and dips in an event.

Speaking of salsas and dips, I’ve also written up a recipe for black bean dip. It’s delicious, something of a cross between a salsa and a hummus. Its dark grey colour adds a touch of mystery to an event, and people are sure to ask, “What is this? (It’s so good!)”

Don’t get black bean salsa mixed up with black bean sauce, made from fermented black beans, though. It’s not really the same sort of black bean as the one I write about normally. However, black bean sauce is quite versatile and I wrote up some outline recipes on that page, including how to make black bean sauce from scratch.

I also have a page about fermented black beans. It contains a few tips for using it in cooking.

Then there’s the recipe I made for black bean chili. I love this recipe, and am proud of it because I invented it from scratch. It contains sweet potato, an unusual (but not unheard of) ingredient in chilis. The spices, including a little cinnamon, set it off, and the overall impression is both beautiful in appearance and delicious in taste.

While we’re on Mexican dishes, I can’t neglect black bean soup. That recipe is an all-time classic.

And what about black bean brownies? It’s unintuitive that these would work, but they do, and they work so well. Black bean brownies are picking up steam in the culinary world. Try them to find out why.

Don’t forget black bean burgers. A Tex-Mex classic, these make an excellent substitute for meat burgers. Substitute? Nay! Anyone would want to eat these, vegetarian or not.

I’ve also made a page about Mexican black beans, including one recipe for classic Mexican black beans and another simple recipe for Mexican refried beans. For your entertainment, I’ve also added some interesting facts about the black bean and how it pertains to the country of Mexico.

The other country where black beans are a big thing is Cuba, so I made a page for Cuban black beans. I also made a page for the popular Latin American dish, eaten most in Cuba, called “Black Beans And Rice“. (A simple name for a simple dish. Don’t let that put you off though – it’s good).

Finally, I wrote up a recipe for the highly nutritious, even curative, black bean broth.